Healthy Dessert Makeover

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brownies-Samantha Diane Fit

Hi, my name is Samantha and I’m a chocoholic.

If I have just one little bite of rich delicious chocolate, I am set off on a frantic hunt to find more. I can’t eat just bite, one scoop one piece. Put a batch of brownies in front of me and I will eat the whole thing, in one sitting, by myself.

It’s a serious problem that I need to get under control. It’s not so much the chocolate that is the issue, it’s the sugar. Too much sugar is bad, especially refined sugar. Refined sugar, like the kind found in most sweets, spikes your blood sugar levels triggering a response in your body that  sets you up for a variety of health problems aside from just gaining weight. Plus, binging on sugar triggers other poor eating habits like skipping meals and craving fatty/sweet foods. It’s not just the added sugar that I need to avoid eating, but the sugar that comes from refined carbohydrates, like the white flour found in most baked goods.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying I want to give up eating sweets completely. Like I said in one of my img_8006previous blog posts, eating is part of my culture and it’s one of my favorite things to do. However, if I am going to insist on having a little dessert every day, I need to make sure that what I’m eating is as healthy as possible with few empty calories and at least some nutritional benefit. It needs to be a healthy dessert that isn’t doing me more harm than good! I’ll still have an indulgent dessert once in awhile, but it needs to be limited to special occasions, so it’s truly a treat!

Our bodies need sugar to thrive it’s what feeds our cells and gives them energy to keep going. The problem is that most of us get too much sugar, in the wrong form, and end up doing our bodies more harm than good. The more you can do to limit your intake of added sugar and of refined carbohydrates, the better.

So, in an effort to eat less sugar, more nutrient dense foods and satisfy my sweet tooth at the same time, I’ve been making the tasty small batch brownies that are definitely a healthy dessert alternative. This recipe only makes 4 brownies, so even if you eat them all in one sitting, it won’t be as bad eating an entire batch of standard brownies.

They are made with coconut oil, which has some awesome health benefits, almond flour in place of white flour and coconut sugar instead of refined white sugar. These brownies, unlike a brownie made the traditional way, will have less of an impact on your blood glucose levels and provide you with a little nutrition. If you’re going to insist on eating dessert, like I do, this would be a good one to go with…in moderation of course!


*This healthy dessert recipe was adapted from Ambitious Kitchen’s recipe for Small Batch Paleo Brownies!



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