I’m a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Health & Wellness Coach and Aerialist with a mission to help people Get Fit-Get Healthy and Be Happy! I’ve made it my life’s mission to help others discovers new and interesting ways to live a life filled with healthy habits! I want to inspire, motivate and challenge you to meet your goals and do the things you never thought you could!

I wasn’t always a health and fitness nerd. In fact, I used to think of every excuse possible to avoid working out and eating healthy. It wasn’t until I discovered my passion, aerial silks,  that I started to really get serious about my health. Luckily, I had found something that I was truly passionate about that happened to require that I get in pretty good shape if I was going to be any good at it. Once I committed to being the best that I could be, my life was transformed for the better. Living a healthy life, caring for my body and being the best that I could be was my new life’s goal.

I had finally found a way to stay in shape without feeling like I was exercising. Working out was no longer a chore. I didn’t dread going to the gym, it actually became my favorite place to be! Training became my obsession and nutritious food became my fuel. Over the years I began teaching, performing and finding new ways to share my passion with others. I had overcome the obstacles that stood in the way of being my best self, all because I had found something that I loved to keep me in shape and inspire me to live a healthy life.

Eventually, health and fitness became my obsession and I knew that I had found my calling. I became strong, confident and extremely passionate about helping others do the same!

No matter where you are in your life (or location), I want to help you live your best life possible.

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